Accurate time registration system with RFID

Shifter was looking for an IoT solution that easily and accurately records the presence and absence of (temporary) employees and provides direct insight into the hours.

Shifter provides tools for staff planning and time registration. The work process to record and process the hours of the employees was cumbersome and led to many errors. We developed an RFID reader terminal with GPRS. This terminal scans and records the RFID tags in real time, providing an accurate picture of the staff’s hours worked.

Scan and register RFID tags real time

In organizations with many temporary employees, it is important to be able to accurately and simply record the hours worked. Our IoT solution consists of an RFID reader terminal with GPRS. By scanning and registering RFID tags in real time, it is precisely tracked when an employee starts or ends a shift. All data is immediately accessible to the management team via an application. Time registration is now much simpler and (cost) efficient for Shifter.

Easy time registration for temporary employees

Shifter deployed the first set of RFID terminals at festivals and recreation parks; organizations with many temporary employees. Thanks to our solutions the time registration of all these employees became much easier.

With their RFID tags employees register the begin and end times of their shift. This information is instantly forwarded to the HRM platform of Shifter. The number of hours registered is then instantly available via the application. Ready to (automatically) be processed for management purposes.


  • Real time registration of hours worked
  • Feedback through LEDs on reader-display
  • Instant insight into time registration via user-friendly application

Shifter about Evalan

“In our frequent cooperation with Evalan we have always been impressed by both their technical expertise and the quality of their service. We regard Evalan as one of our favorite suppliers.”

Shifter – Time registration system with RFID reader

For Shifter the time registration is now much easier and more (cost) effective.

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