Placed on – 15 September 2022

Fleet Management with IoT: Increase Productivity

By monitoring your Fleet in real-time you can know whether maintenance is required and prevent unnecessary harmful emissions.

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Fleet Management System

The Internet of Things (IoT) not only helps fleet management operators to track where vehicles are and where they are going, but it also enables them to monitor fuel consumption, driving behavior, engine performance, and more. By tracking this data in real-time, they can increase overall efficiency and gain a better understanding of fuel consumption. If you optimize the routes and the way vehicles are being used, you can save fuel, and achieve sustainability objectives easier.  

With IoT, organizations can also extend the life of vehicles by getting insight into when maintenance is required. Research from the Deloitte Analytics Institute shows that predictive maintenance reduces downtime by an average of 70%. It also increases productivity by 25% and reduces maintenance costs by 25%. By monitoring vehicles in real-time you can know whether maintenance is required and prevent unnecessary harmful emissions. 

Reducing CO2 by acquiring insight into the lifespan of golf cart batteries 

The Handicart Foundation is an organization for disabled golfers who would like to continue practicing the sport. With approximately 820 “Handicarts” (golf carts), spread over 111 clubs, the Handicart Foundation offers mobility to disabled golfers.  

To manage these carts properly, EVALAN developed a fleet management system through which the Handicart Foundation can manage the fleet remotely. Handicart now receives information in one place about mileage, battery charge cycles, energy consumption, and the location of the golf carts. With this information, they can extend the life of the batteries.

Since CO2 is released during the manufacture of batteries, this extension of the average lifespan means that CO2 production decreases. For currently used batteries, this is a reduction of more than 100 kg of CO2 per Handicart for each year of extended lifespan. In addition, the Handicart Foundation is focused on increasing sustainability in other ways, such as purchasing Li-ion batteries that reduce their footprint. 

Fleet Management

The actions we take today to reduce CO2 emissions can make a difference for future generations on this planet. IoT helps industries reduce greenhouse gas emissions and increase energy efficiency. 

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