Placed on – October 17, 2022

Join EVALAN and its SINTEC partners at a stretchable circuit board technology webinar

EVALAN is hosting the live webinar on the 2nd of November. Register now for a thrill ride into cutting-edge technology for the sports and medical industries.

The “Stretchable PCB Technology and Wireless Medical Technology” webinar, taking place on the 2nd of November from 13:00-15:30, will gather renowned researchers and professionals from across Europe. During the webinar the prominent speakers will:  

  • Share their knowledge on stretchable PCB technology, design, production, and its applications.  
  • Present the technology that has been developed and the results thus far achieved.  
  • And hold a discussion on the potential of these innovations in the sports and medical sectors.  

The FREE online webinar is open to anyone who is interested in discovering the cutting-edge technologies that are being developed as part of the SINTEC (Soft Intelligence epidermal communication platform) project. Don’t miss out and register here now:

About the agenda 

Among other things, the agenda includes presentations about the smart and stretchable patch being developed, the applications it has in sports and healthcare, and the network platform. You can check or download the full agenda here.  

“Sensors that conform to your body, are comfortable and unobtrusive. What is more awesome than that!” 


SINTEC is a 4-year European project that aims to “advance rigid-stretch PCB technology with stretchable substrate and liquid alloy, and to demonstrate its usability in complex applications.”  

Within the project, 8 European partners are developing cutting-edge technology that will allow them to gather information from the body by placing sensors in the form of “soft, sticky, and stretchable patches” on the skin.  

EVALAN’s role 

As one of the partners in the project, EVALAN is in charge of developing a reliable and secure data pipeline that will allow us to connect the several groundbreaking SINTEC sensors to the FIWARE cloud. The data will then be delivered to a web app for visualization.  

More information 

You can read more about the SINTEC project here.  

If you want to stay up to date with EVALAN’s latest endeavors, take a look here or subscribe to our newsletter.  

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