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Measuring frequently with IoT adds more value

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Frequent measurements with IoT

Continuous low-resolution monitoring and measuring with IoT yields more value than infrequent accurate measurements. How does this work? In this article, we highlight how continuous data collection can lead to better work processes.

One of the tools that doctors use to assess a patient’s heart condition is Electrocardiography (ECG). This technique produces graphs, also known as electrocardiograms. Doctors use the machine, and typically the diagrams are recorded as short intermittent tracings with up to ten electrodes. They then analyze the charts and find important information.  ECG diagrams are created only at specific requests and cover a short period because of the costs involved and the specialized skills needed for this procedure. For a trained professional, ECGs can provide a detailed picture of the condition of the heart.

Continuously recording heart rhythm
However, doctors do not get all the answers they are looking for from these diagrams. Heart rhythm irregularities, for example, may not be detected during the brief test. For that reason, the Holter monitor was created – a wearable device that also performs electrocardiography. In most cases, doctors ask patients to wear this monitor for a few days, during which the monitor performs its measurements. The measurements produced by the Holter monitor are far less accurate than the standard ECG because the number of electrodes is lower. Also, the technical capabilities of the device limit the measurement resolution. Still, the results of these measurements deliver information that the standard ECG usually does not, as the Holter monitor also records during the incidents of arrhythmic heartbeats.

This example shows that combining infrequent accurate measurements with continuous monitoring at lower accuracy can be extremely useful. Both forms of measuring have value and provide information. On their own, they do not deliver the complete picture. This phenomenon occurs in many other processes as well.

Improving elevator performance with sensors
A company that maintains elevators performs accurate measurements and tests of each elevator, as regulations require that they do this periodically. The company installed some simple sensors in each elevator to measure the speed with which the doors close, the vibration of the elevator car and started tracking these sensor readings continuously. These measurements significantly improved the operational reliability of the elevators. They could reduce the number of unscheduled outages, lower the overall maintenance costs, schedule maintenance work more efficiently, and, on top of all this, the company found information about the elevator use patterns that helped developing future generations of elevators. By analyzing the measurement data from these sensors, first with simple analytical tools, later with Machine Learning and advanced data processing, it became possible to predict the elevator’s performance.

IoT solution BACE to monitor easily and quickly
Your machine, process, appliance, building, or operation may benefit from continuous monitoring as well. It can supplement the information you are already collecting periodically or even replace some of those measurements. BACE IoT is an enabler that helps you deploy continuous monitoring solutions quickly. If you like to explore this, please let us know. You can contact us by phone or email or schedule an online meeting, including a demo.

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