Placed on – 17 May 2014

Evalan in MKB top 100 for Innovation

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Evalan in MKB top 100 for Innovation

Evalan has been recognized by the Dutch Chamber of Commerce as one of the 100 most innovative companies in The Netherlands. This recognition was given for Evalan’s development of SensiStep.

Evalan in MKB top 100 for Innovation

SensiStep is a system that helps patients rehabilitating after hip, ankle or leg surgeries. These patients typically need to limit the loading they exert on their affected limb. SensiStep monitors this loading with an innovative force sensor, and guides the patient towards an optimal loading pattern during the rehabilitation by providing continuous feedback. In addition to the force sensor the system, consists of an on-body data aggregator and an app. The system is supported by a Web Portal, that enables healthcare professionals to monitor patients remotely. Data communication is wireless, via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.

“Elderly with hip fractures need to stay in a care facility while they are recovering. With SensiStep these patients can recover faster, and return home sooner. This improves the quality of care and reduces healthcare costs” says Marleen Germs, Evalan’s product manager for SensiStep.

SensiStep has been developed in cooperation with the University Medical Centre of Utrecht and Pontes Medical. It received CE certification in December 2013 and has been offered to physiotherapists since that date. SensiStep will be ready for roll-out to other healthcare professionals later this year.

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