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Solving business challenges with IoT solutions.

EVALAN offers IoT solutions tailored to businesses and industries of all sizes. We provide a comprehensive catalog of IoT products and deliver customized solutions as a service to address your specific use case.


Dynamic Load Balancing

Dynamic Load Balancing for Optimization and Peak Shaving

Announcing BACE Panel for Rapid Deployment of Assets in an IoT Platform

IoT is about Use Cases: An Industrial Bakery reduces its energy consumption by 15%

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Our Products

The BACE IoT Platform serves as the fundamental building block for any IoT solution. In addition, we provide comprehensive end-to-end IoT solutions designed to address common challenges across various industries.

Focusing on the critical link of the IoT chain, we have created the perfect building block to help you implement any IoT project in a fast and simple way.

Real-time heat stress monitoring wearable that prevents heat-related injuries for professionals in physically demanding sectors. It accurately measures core body temperature in real-time.

Smart Solar Energy Optimizer that utilizes IoT technology to revolutionize renewable energy management, maximizing yields and optimizing energy usage.

Real-time medication monitoring solution for increased adherence. Dispenser signals track intake patterns and send reminders for better medical supervision and patient recovery.

Our Services

We develop, implement, and manage customized IoT solutions to improve efficiency, increase sustainability and contribute to your organization’s growth.

Come to us with your idea, the challenge you want to address or the opportunity you want to seize, and we will work together with you to develop a tailor-made IoT solution.


As a leading IoT solution provider with over 15 years of experience, we focus on going the extra mile to help our customers solve challenges and make data-driven decisions. Our IoT solutions allow customers to improve efficiency, save costs and achieve sustainability goals.

Yet, the results don’t stop at solving the original problem. Implementing IoT technology can lead to further added value. By collecting data, our customers gain superior insights that enable them to explore the possibilities of IoT further and improve more aspects of their business.

Let’s challenge the status quo together and provide your business with an innovative and scalable IoT solution.

Partner of happy customers across the world

We are dedicated to helping our customers achieve the best results.

Success Cases

Each of our success cases is based on an IoT project developed for a client according to their needs and goals.

IoT for Onshore Power Supply

Evalan delivers Remote Monitoring of Onshore Power Supply

Ships contribute significantly to the increase in Greenhouse Gases. With Onshore Power Supply systems some of this pollution can be reduced.
Energy Monitoring

Still keeping an energy efficiency journal? Better automate the energy monitoring task

A cost-efficient IoT energy monitoring system can simplify and clarify the task, while helping you get rid of your energy efficiency journal.
Ammonia Control Solution

Prove the Efficacy of your Ammonia Control Solution for Farms

Monitor your ammonia control solution and demonstrate its effectiveness as the best path forward.
Heat Stress Monitor

Keeping it Cool: The Heat Stress Monitor for Workplace Safety

ARMOR is the heat stress monitor protecting workers in hot environments.
IoT remote monitoring in industrial machines

Industrial Machinery: IoT remote monitoring

IoT remote monitoring is crucial to ensure that key industrial assets are continuously tracked to achieve maximal productivity and minimal downtime.
Lock Gates

Lock Gates: Towards 100% Predictive Maintenance

BACE (Build A Connection Everywhere) is the technology that can be used to collect sensor data from lock gates systems.

The latest whitepapers

Smart Hydroponics Systems with IoT
The following paper includes information for people who want to know what hydroponic Systems are, what the benefits and strengths are, but mainly the potential IoT can unlock for hydroponics.
Whitepaper Water Management
With increasing consumption, pollution, and climate change, the water resources of future generations are endangered. Change in water management is now needed and digitization can play a significant role in this.
Wearable revolution
Cloud-connected wearable devices will send biometric data directly to the cloud, 24/7. This innovation offers many opportunities for healthcare professionals, athletics, and physically demanding occupations.

"We solve problems with IoT solutions to give your business a competitive advantage."