Jump into Digital Transformation with IoT

Digital Transformation

Many businesses and their models rely heavily on physical interaction with customers, vendors, and employees. Recent events made most of them realize that they need to jump into the Digital Transformation wave as a way to build resilience, remain relevant, get ahead of the competition, and provide better services to customers. 

Make your IoT project easy to scale

Companies are increasingly experimenting with projects that make use of the Internet of Things (IoT) as a means to solve a problem, cut costs, increase efficiency, enable new business models, get ahead of the competition or become more competitive. However, implementing and scaling an IoT project can be overwhelming for any organization.

Fleet Management with IoT: Increase Productivity

Fleet Management System

The Internet of Things (IoT) not only helps fleet management operators to track where vehicles are and where they are going, but it also enables them to monitor fuel consumption, driving behavior, engine performance, and more.  

IoT: Tap into the Strategic Value of Data 

The Power of Data

We’ve all heard that “knowledge is power” or that “knowledge is a competitive advantage”. Still, to arrive at knowledge there are a few earlier steps that need to be taken.   The first building block towards knowledge is data, which (when organized) provides us with useful information, thus leading over time to knowledge and insight.   “The […]

Can you Improve Quality Control to the Point of Perfection?

Factory automation

We have all heard the term Industry 4.0. Maybe some even heard that it signifies the beginning of the 4th Industrial Revolution which encompasses new technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI) and cloud- and edge-computing, promising to make our global industry faster, smarter and more sustainable.  “Production Systems stand to […]

Innovating in Agriculture: Ammonia Sensors 

ammonia sensors livestock

The world of Livestock and Agriculture has taken a relevant role in the news. EVALAN has been participating for almost two years in PLANtAR, one of the most ambitious European Projects in terms of Food Health. The European Consortium also comprises other sensory leaders from Germany, Spain, and the Netherlands.  The objective is to obtain […]

Detect Roof Damage Before It Appears

Roof leakage detection

At EVALAN, we help companies in the Construction Industry, including in the Roofing Sector, to Get Ahead of Damage and Loss, through Innovative and User-Friendly Internet of Things (IoT) solutions.   The Need  In competitive markets, such as the construction one, it is crucial to stay ahead of competitors (for which technology is a great ally). […]