Everything you always wanted to know about IoT

Everything you always wanted to know about IoT

Of course, you’ve heard of IoT, but now you really want to know what it is and how you can use it in your organization. And do you want to know how IoT data is secured and what you can do with it? In this blog, Henk Schwietert answers the frequently asked questions about IoT.

Evalan enters into a partnership with KPN

Evalan enters into a partnership with KPN

Evalan has concluded an agreement with KPN for IoT Connectivity. As part of this agreement, KPN is adding Evalan’s IoT solutions to its “KPN Things Device catalog”. With the addition of Evalan’s IoT Modules, which communicate via LTE-M, KPN is expanding the device catalog to applications that cannot be operated with LoRa, such as IoT applications for mobile assets. With this partnership, Evalan connects to a valuable platform with which products can be offered to the IoT market nationally and internationally.


Evalan delivers 250 new Check-In Terminals to Handicart

To properly manage the Handicarts, Evalan has developed a payment and fleet management system that enables the Handicart Foundation to manage the fleet remotely and to arrange the rental of the carts more easily. This fleet management system consists of a Portal and RFID terminals with which users can make reservations and check in. The system is used satisfactorily and has recently been expanded with new functions. The technology of the current terminals dates from 2014. To enable new developments, Handicart asked Evalan to supply 250 new terminals.

Engineer Jasper about Evalan

Engineer Jasper about Evalan: “A horizontal structure, good atmosphere and fascinating projects.”

Evalan’s team mainly consists of developers with specializations in electrical engineering, software engineering, mechanical engineering and industrial design. Jasper is one of our software engineers. Ten years ago he started at Evalan as an intern and now he is software developer for various projects. He knows better than anyone how the company has changed over the past ten years. We asked him about his challenges, highlights and milestones.

The challenge of a new job during Corona

The challenge of a new job during Corona: Sofia Perez-Simbor shares her experiences

Imagine starting a new job in an unknown city that is going into intelligent lockdown to limit the spread of the COVID-19 virus. This happened to Sofia Perez-Simbor. Sofia flew from Spain to the Netherlands to work at Evalan as a Development Engineer, not knowing that at that time corona measures would be instituted and social contact should be avoided. In this interview Sofia shares her experiences during this period of time, what she did before she came to Amsterdam and what she thinks about her new position at Evalan.


IoT device allows employees and visitors to move at a safe distance

Although the corona measures have been relaxed somewhat, maintaining a distance of six feet will remain. What does this mean when we gradually return to our offices? How do we ensure that we keep the right distance from our colleagues? And how do we get a feel for what exactly is a distance of six feet? The Proximity badge is the answer to these questions.

IoT trends 2020

These are the IoT trends of 2020

In 2020 IoT will play a major role in several respects. Organizations are leaving the knowledge-gathering phase behind them and are starting to integrate IoT implementations and pilots. In addition, more and more applications with IoT are possible. Which trends are central to this? We explain 5 trends here.

Fleet Management for Golf Carts

IoT fleet management system guides rental and maintenance of Handicart golf carts in the right direction

Evalan has developed a fleet management system for the Handicart Foundation with which they can monitor their fleet remotely. The Handicart foundation is an organization that makes it possible for golfers with mobility problems to continue to practice the sport. By means of golf carts, Handicarts, this group remains mobile and they continue to enjoy playing golf. The Foundation is growing fast and obtains more than 760 Handicarts, spread over 113 clubs. To facilitate the management of these golf carts, Evalan has developed an IoT system, ‘MyHandicart’, that controls the fleet remotely and guides the rental of the carts successfully.

Design Thinking Workshop Evalan

Evalan Design Thinking Workshop provides focus during IoT product development

How do you turn an IoT idea into a concrete plan? Are you looking for solutions to solve a problem? Do you want all the different stakeholders involved in the product development to be on the same page? Evalan has an answer to this. We offer a design thinking workshop where ideas or problems are discussed and analyzed in order to determine a common goal together. This objective ensures a continuous focus during product development.