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Evalan Design Thinking Workshop provides focus during IoT product development

Design Thinking Workshop Evalan

How do you translate an IoT idea into a concrete plan? Are you looking for solutions to solve a problem? Do you want all the different stakeholders involved in the product development to be on the same page? Evalan has an answer to this. We offer a design thinking workshop where ideas or problems are discussed and analyzed in order to determine a common goal together. This objective ensures a continuous focus during product development.

During the design thinking workshop, an idea, product or problem is examined on the basis of three phases. In the first phase, which we call Empathy, the participants empathize with the various end users. During this phase the user types are determined, the preconditions are ascertained, the possible solutions are discussed and how these solutions can play a role in the future. The second phase consists of exchanging ideas that suit a specific user. This phase is called Ideation. During Ideation, the flushing of ideas is unlimited. From these various and unlimited ideas, we make a selection. Which ideas are most valuable to the user? Which are the most feasible? Still in the Ideation phase we separate the wheat from the chaff and the ideas are converged to a concrete proposal. The final phase, Prototype, is the pitching of this proposal to the group in which the user type, the interests of this user and the plan are discussed. This proposal is as concrete as possible and contains a clear plan.

Different perspectives lead to new insights
In order to achieve the best possible result, it is wise to ask participants from different professions and from other companies to participate in the workshop. The new perspectives can lead to new insights. If only participants are invited from your own company, you run the risk of continuing along exactly the same lines. The most important thing is to invite partners who can represent the end user or customer. In addition, it is a democratic process in which hierarchy plays no role. The truth of the one is worth no more than the truth of the other. During the workshop, the different perspectives can lead to healthy critical discussions because choices have to be made. This enriches the process. The discussions lead to consensus and ultimately to a common focus.

Realizing a consensus on the vision
During an innovation process it can happen that the focus shifts unconsciously to other things. New innovations may arise, but this does not mean simple solutions are invented. The most important goal of this workshop is to realize an objective for the idea or problem that the various participants can agree with and from which a solution or plan can arise. During product development you can always fall back on the objective that was set during the workshop. The goal of the workshop is not to provide concrete solutions, but to collect information that supports and accelerates the further course of product development. The workshop therefore helps in three areas:

1. Aligning the complex stakeholder landscape

2. Focus on the needs of the end user to make the plan more concrete

3. Creating a vision that everyone can agree with

Making IoT initiatives more concrete
Our vision, “innovative results together”, is in line with the design workshop that we offer. Innovative ideas or problems are shared and discussed. In this way, Evalan hopes to contribute to making these ideas more concrete and helping IoT initiatives get started. This workshop is entirely free of obligation and can be requested as a separate service.

Linus Knupfer, Industrial Design Engineer at Evalan and specialized in user interaction design, says about the workshop: “Regardless of the stage you are in, the organization, people or product this workshop can be helpful. It can last a day, an afternoon or a few hours. Empathy is the basis for this. We must understand the end user, the customer and the context as well as possible. If we do that, we can continue to make good choices that deliver the right results.”

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