Placed on – 22 September 2020

Evalan enters into a partnership with KPN

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Evalan enters into a partnership with KPN

Evalan has concluded an agreement with KPN for IoT Connectivity. As part of this agreement, KPN is adding Evalan’s IoT solutions to its “KPN Things Device catalog“. With the addition of Evalan’s IoT Modules, which communicate via LTE-M, KPN is expanding the device catalog to applications that cannot be operated with LoRa, such as IoT applications for mobile assets. With this partnership, Evalan connects to a valuable platform with which products can be offered to the IoT market nationally and internationally.

KPN Things is an IoT platform that allows users to easily realize and manage scalable IoT solutions. The platform provides building blocks for all parts of the IoT chain: From IoT devices to connectivity, processing the data and applying the data in applications and (cloud) integrations. Users have access to these building blocks via the KPN Things Portal. KPN is expanding this platform to more and more new applications.

Until a few years ago, IoT solutions were mostly developed with fully customized parts. Now these solutions are increasingly developed by linking existing modules. That has many advantages. For example, the development time of new IoT solutions can be significantly shortened, and by using parts that have already been extensively tested and proven in operational management, technical risks are significantly reduced. Due to scale and technical developments, the characteristics of the modules are now developed in a way that they can be used at an acceptable cost without making concessions to performance, security, flexibility or energy consumption.

LTE-M in IoT
In addition to LoRa, 2G and 4G connectivity, KPN also offers LTE-M. LTE-M is based on the 4G network and has been specially developed for IoT applications. The main advantage of this technology is that it is very energy efficient. LTE-M is also already available in many other countries and where this is not the case, it can fall back on 2G connectivity. The Evalan IoT modules are optimized for communicating via this network, so customers can use their IoT solution anytime, anywhere.

Collaboration KPN and Evalan
The cooperation with KPN has advantages for Evalan. By connecting to KPN Things, Evalan has access to KPN’s extensive knowledge and experience, for example about international distribution of end-to-end IoT products. In addition, KPN Things is a channel to customers who want to implement IoT and are looking for solutions. Now they can use the IoT modules from Evalan via KPN Things Platform for their application. These customers can thus fully fulfill an important building block of the IoT implementation, with functions such as data transfer, security, Over-The-Air updating and provisioning.

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