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Engineer Jasper about Evalan: “A horizontal structure, good atmosphere and fascinating projects.”

Engineer Jasper about Evalan

Evalan’s team mainly consists of developers with specializations in electrical engineering, software engineering, mechanical engineering and industrial design. Jasper is one of our software engineers. Ten years ago he started at Evalan as an intern and now he is software developer for various projects. He knows better than anyone how the company has changed over the past ten years. We asked him about his challenges, highlights and milestones.


From intern to software developer
Jasper ended up at Evalan for his internship within a minor program of his study HBO-ICT at the Windesheim University of Applied Sciences in Almere. At the time, Evalan was developing a pedometer device for which Jasper created a management and input website. With the device, a healthcare professional sets certain goals that the rehabilitating patient from a leg or foot injury must achieve. The healthcare professional can monitor these goals remotely. After his internship, which lasted six months, Jasper continued his graduation internship at Evalan. He then developed a system that processes the large amount of data from the foot pressure sensor. He also made a web portal to provide insight into the data. Now he is software developer for various projects within Evalan.

What does a working day of Jasper look like?
Jasper starts his working day with a cup of coffee. While consuming this hot boost in the morning, he scrolls through his emails to see if any action needs to be taken. Then he moves on to the projects he is working on. One of these projects is to produce a web app with which the client can monitor their tap systems. Jasper says about the different projects: “Every project has its challenges. This is due to the different wishes of the customer. In some projects, the customer finds the style of the web portal important, while for others it concerns the rapid application of certain functions. This makes my work distinctive and fun. ”

Learning from challenges
Jasper’s job consists of many challenges that require him to learn something new. First, he focused on project management but when clients came up with specific questions for building websites, Jasper decided to hit the books. “During my studies I gained some knowledge of programming, but in order to suffice I had to deepen my knowledge. I enjoy learning about new technologies and how I can apply that knowledge to solve a certain problem. ” Although the challenges become rarer because of the knowledge he gains, Jasper can apply that knowledge in various projects and thereby help others. “The challenge is less, but the subject is still very interesting.”

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Development of own server software
Jasper is most proud of Sensemedic, the medicine dispenser that remotely monitors pill intake. When Jasper joined Evalan, Sensemedic was one of the first products he worked on. Jasper came up with the idea to read out one of the medicine dispensers. The result: own server software that has grown into a management system that defines certain intake structures and complex reminder rules with language support and reports.

Changes within the company
As Evalan grew, the company moved three times. From an incubator in Almere to a shared building on the Sarphatistraat in Amsterdam to a private building a few doors away. During this growth, Jasper learns that it is important to have enough space and to be able to do your work in silence. By instituting a separate IT department for monitoring and managing the systems, an important step was taken for the company to grow more, says Jasper.

There are also several layers added in management. Despite these layers, the working conditions remain horizontal. “Everyone is open and, based on his knowledge, expresses his opinion. You don’t feel you have to justify yourself; everyone is equal. This creates a professional and pleasant atmosphere.”

“I feel comfortable and get interesting assignments”
Jasper mentions two reasons for joining Evalan. First, it is the varied and interesting projects. You are free to discover and test your ideas and give your own input. In addition, the horizontal structure and the nice atmosphere ensures that everyone feels at ease. “I feel comfortable, get interesting assignments and have nice colleagues. I cannot emphasize how important that is.”

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