Placed on – 15 December 2021

Collabree and Sensemedic combine their expertise to improve therapy adherence

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Collabree and Sensemedic combine their expertise

Smart devices offer new possibilities to support patients and improve their adherence to therapy. This white paper provides insight into how Sensemedic and Collabree combine their expertise to address the problem of poor treatment adherence. 

Poor adherence or non-adherence to medications includes all patients who do not commence their prescribed therapy at all, discontinue it prematurely, or take their medications in doses or frequencies different from the prescribing clinician’s recommendations. Non-adherence leads to poor disease control with a burden on patient quality of life and healthcare systems, while patients who take their prescribed medications regularly are more likely to have better health outcomes, prevent complications and premature death, and require fewer emergency care or hospitalizations. 

Sensemedic is a dispenser that monitors medication intake in real time and remotely and helps patients to achieve a better intake pattern. Each time the patient opens the dispenser, a short message is sent to the cloud application. The healthcare professional can view the data via the secure Sensemedic Web Portal and thus guide and support the patient in a more targeted way. For researchers, the dataset can be exported to allow for further analysis. With Sensemedic, it is also possible to remind patients to take their medicines by means of an SMS message. 

Evalan and Collabree 
Sensemedic is a product of Evalan. Evalan develops solutions using state-of-the-art communication technology, with an emphasis on remote monitoring and the Internet of Things. Collabree is a digital adherence start-up focusing on improving therapy compliance of chronically ill patients by applying behavioral economics principles. 

 Want to know more about this solution? Read the white paper “How Sensemedic and Collabree are joining forces to support patients in developing sticky habits and improving patient outcomes.” 

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