Spinel Veiligheidscentrum uses heat monitor ARMOR during training fire brigade

To guarantee the safety of the fire brigade, heat monitor ARMOR is used. With ARMOR, firefighters can continue to train at the highest possible physical level while maintaining safety standards.

Save energy with CO2 sensors

building. A too high CO2 concentration can lead to fatigue and reduced concentration levels – or even worse, ‘Sick Building Syndrom

How to reduce the energy consumption of HVAC systems

HVAC systems and lighting typically consume most of the electricity in buildings. HVAC equipment represents approximately 40%-60% of a building’s total energy consumption. The new sustainability goals of the Climate Agreement direct the focus to regulate these systems more efficiently and reducing their overall energy consumption. With the help of IoT, this can be done […]

Back to the office: This is how you create a safe environment

Creating a healthy and safe working environment is important to attract employees back to the office. IoT offers opportunities here.

Improve cold chain management with IoT

In the cold chain, which is the cooling of products during storage and transport, managing and controlling the product condition is the biggest challenge. In this logistical process, it is important to guarantee optimal quality when goods arrive at their destination and prevent waste.

The four advantages of a data-driven building

The digital revolution makes it increasingly easy for construction companies to collect, analyze and gain new insights. New insights often arise in many more areas than initially thought. What can you think about when you want to get started with data?

Manage HVAC systems better with IoT

Do you experience unnecessary high energy costs because you heat unused spaces? Or do you ever get complaints about muggy air? Then you probably want to manage the HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) system better and ensure less energy consumption.

IoT and Net Zero Emissions

Meeting greenhouse gas emissions goals needs many technologies. And IoT is one of them. Read in this article how IoT can help better manage the electrical power grid and realize net zero emissions.

Measuring frequently with IoT adds more value

Continuous low-resolution monitoring with IoT yields more value than infrequent accurate measurements. How does this work? In this article, we highlight how continuous data collection can lead to better work processes.

“IoT security requires specialized skills”

How do you set up and maintain a sufficient security framework? And how do you keep the IoT system secure while scaling your business? We asked innovation manager Jaap Kautz a few questions about IoT security.

Senior software engineer Mattia: “Evalan stands for collaboration”

For this interview, we asked Mattia everything under the sun. What does he think of his role within Evalan, and what is he most proud of?

Make your customer service proactive? Consider IoT

Support issues in the B2B world are complicated. Research by Teamsupport shows that a first contact resolution (FCR) is less common in B2B situations than in B2C.

Wearables provide safety in tough work environments

Safety has the highest priority in physically demanding professions. Wearables can help develop new ways to ensure safety without sacrificing performance.

From Point Solutions to Broad-Based Digital Transformation

New technologies are only as good as the added value they can deliver. For IoT – the “Internet of Things” – that path has been slow. The first IoT implementations date back to the mid-’80s. The uptake of this technology, however, only recently started. Several factors have contributed, including costs.

Remote care: technology is developing rapidly

In recent months, Covid-19 showed that we are not where we need to be when it comes to remote care. Still, there is much progress made in the field of technology. A lot is possible, but are healthcare professionals and society ready for it?

Using wearables to improve athletic performance

In sports, increasing the level of performance is essential for success. Stakeholders such as sports clubs, coaches, and athletes, are increasingly investing in technology to enhance their chances to win. One of the technologies that are gaining ground in this respect is wearable technology.

Supporting healthcare professionals with wearables

With the arrival of the new coronavirus, the use of technological solutions in healthcare has accelerated. An example of a technological product that can contribute significantly to improving quality in healthcare is the wearable.

Evalan receives license from US Army to use ECTemp technology

The United States Army has developed technology that can determine the core body temperature of soldiers from their heart rates. This ECTemp technology results from decades of research and testing at the U.S. Army Research Institute of Environmental Medicine.

IoT connectivity is now also possible at sea

The mobile range is extended to three hundred kilometers beyond the Dutch coast. This extension offers all kinds of new possibilities for IoT and organizations at sea. In this article, we highlight three maritime applications where IoT adds value.

Looking back on 2020: “Challenges translate into creative solutions”

Is 2020 a year to quickly forget? No. But it should give us pause, that is clear. Together with Evalan CEO Henk Schwietert, we look back on 2020.

Manage a Modbus device from the Cloud

With the arrival of Device Twins, it has become easier to manage Modbus devices from the Cloud. In this blog we explain how this works.

Everything you always wanted to know about IoT

Of course, you’ve heard of IoT, but now you really want to know what it is and how you can use it in your organization. And do you want to know how IoT data is secured and what you can do with it? In this blog, Henk Schwietert answers the frequently asked questions about IoT.

The benefits of a data-driven organization

Technological advancements make IoT solutions easier to implement. After all, the technology is becoming cheaper, more advanced and widely applicable. These technological improvements open the door for more and more sectors to take advantage of IoT.

New muscle analyzer system for sarcopenia

Evalan started the MAS project together with the Uppsala University in Sweden and the MUMC in Maastricht. During this project a muscle analyzer system will be developed that measures the density of muscles by means of microwave technology.