IoT device allows employees and visitors to move at a safe distance in the office

Although the corona measures have been relaxed somewhat, maintaining a distance of six feet will remain. What does this mean when we gradually return to our offices? How do we ensure that we keep the right distance from our colleagues? And how do we get a feel for what exactly is a distance of six feet? The Proximity badge is the answer to these questions.

Monitoring workspace occupation with SmartEagle – Video

Together with Arend van de Stadt, we have developed an IoT solution that measures workspace occupancy, the SmartEagle.

These are the IoT trends of 2020

In 2020 IoT will play a major role in several respects. Organizations are leaving the knowledge-gathering phase behind them and are starting to integrate IoT implementations and pilots. In addition, more and more applications with IoT are possible. Which trends are central to this? We explain 5 trends here.

Evalan delivers the first of thousand ARMOR devices to Dutch Department of Defense

Two years ago, the Ministry of Defence approached Evalan to help develop a wearable device that prevents heat injuries. Since then, the technology has been refined and the device has been tested in various training situations and the product has been improved further. On 1 February 2020, Evalan delivered the first thousand sensors to the Dutch army.

Does your organization make optimal use of IIoT data?

With the help of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) it is possible for manufacturers to make their companies run more efficiently. But how do you ensure that you analyze data correctly and ensure digital transformation and progress?

“Cooperation leads to results”

The year 2019 is almost over and that is why our CEO, Henk Schwietert, looks back on the past year. What were the highlights of 2019? And what are the prospects for 2020? Henk answers these questions in this interview.

Evalan received an acknowledgement from the Minister of Defense Ank Bijleveld-Schouten

On the Day of the Entrepreneur, the Ministry of Defense organizes working visits to innovative companies that contribute to solutions for the army, including IoT company Evalan.

“IoT allows people to do things better, faster and more cost-effectively.”

Our world consists more and more of new smart solutions and IoT devices. Where does the concept of IoT come from and how has it become what it is today? In this blog Henk Schwietert, CEO of Evalan, explains all the ins and outs about this topic.

IoT fleet management system guides rental and maintenance of Handicart golf carts in the right direction

Evalan has developed a fleet management system for the Handicart Foundation with which they can monitor their fleet remotely. The Handicart foundation is an organization that makes it possible for golfers with mobility problems to continue to practice the sport. By means of golf carts, Handicarts, this group remains mobile and they continue to enjoy playing golf. The Foundation is growing fast and obtains more than 760 Handicarts, spread over 113 clubs. To facilitate the management of these golf carts, Evalan has developed an IoT system, ‘MyHandicart’, that controls the fleet remotely and guides the rental of the carts successfully.

Evalan Design Thinking Workshop provides focus during IoT product development

How do you turn an IoT idea into a concrete plan? Are you looking for solutions to solve a problem? Do you want all the different stakeholders involved in the product development to be on the same page? Evalan has an answer to this. We offer a design thinking workshop where ideas or problems are discussed and analyzed in order to determine a common goal together. This objective ensures a continuous focus during product development.

Evalan IoT Innovation Day April 2020

Partnership BAM and Evalan for better indoor climate and user convenience

We have reached a partnership agreement with BAM Bouw en Techniek bv. In close collaboration we develop sensors that measure environmental parameters such as air quality, light and other room conditions. The sensor becomes part of a new modular product from BAM Modular, the specialized unit within BAM that aims to boost industrialization within the construction sector. We are proud to be able to contribute to sustainability, comfort, health and aesthetics, thereby helping to improve the indoor climate of buildings.

Want to have a look behind the scenes of Evalan?

Want to have a look behind the scenes of Evalan? Please meet our creative Product Development Engineer Thomas Collomb. We asked him everything under the sun.

Nurses to the rescue: Adopting IoMT devices within healthcare

The widespread concern about data privacy, the fear of diminishing job security and regulatory standards are hindering the uptake of IoMT devices. Many medical professionals are cautious about its application in healthcare. Do you see the possibilities but are your colleagues worried about the adoption of these devices? The emergence of the chief nursing information officer (CNIO) in hospitals might offer a solution.

IoMT devices are on the rise. Are you ready?

In response to worldwide health and fitness trends, the adoption of biometric devices, or Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) within healthcare and other demanding professions is growing fast. What is the actual growth rate of these IoT-based biometric devices? How can they be used? And what opportunities do they offer for your company?

Evalan manages the Smart Infrastructure of Unilever’s US Head Office

Evalan contributed to the development of a state-of-the-art Head Office for Unilever in the US. The office, based in Englewood Cliffs, represents the workplace of the future, with open and shared spaces connected by sensors giving insight into the use of each floor. The Head Office was opened in 2018. Evalan manages the data and will add new functions to the sensor-system.

Workspace occupied? Check it with SmartEagle.

Who doesn’t recognize the experience of looking for a workspace to work, study or to have a meeting with someone, but all of the seats are taken? It doesn’t matter how early you arrive at the office building, most of the workspaces are occupied, which results in an endless search for a desk or meeting room somewhere else. The question remains; will there be a free workspace in another building? Evalan and Arend van de Stadt, innovator in vision systems, developed an IoT-solution to address this problem: SmartEagle.

Starting the SINTEC project

On the 16th and 17th of January we joined the kick-off of the SINTEC project (Soft Intelligence Epidermal Communication Plaftorm) in Sweden. The aim of this project is to develop two new techniques: stretchable pcb’s (printed circuit boards) and communication through fat tissue. Evalan will combine these techniques to realize practical and effective solutions for healthcare.

ARMOR monitors Heat Stress of Soldiers

Evalan recently completed the development of a Heat Stress Monitor for soldiers. This wearable device determines minute-by-minute the core temperature of a soldier during an exercise.

BLE Connectivity for Danfoss NovoCon Actuator

Danfoss recently introduced the NovoCon digital actuator, designed for hydronic balancing and control. This actuator fits Danfoss’ AB-CM valve. This combination is an accurate and cost-effective system of flow measurement and flow control, which aligns with the control infrastructure that is currently commonly used in buildings.

To enhance the competitive advantages of the NovoCon actuator for use in buildings, Evalan is creating Bluetooth Connectivity (“BLE”) for the actuator. Adding BLE to the actuator will enable Danfoss to achieve several significant advantages, including (A) direct connectivity with innovations in Smart Building technology, (B) the ability to lower the overall costs of building control systems by eliminating cables and some control equipment, (C) the ability to create stand-alone room control systems that do not require use of third party equipment and (D) the ability to become fully integrated into Evalan’s bGrid™ solution which will make NovoCon the actuator of choice for new bGrid projects.

Through the BLE communication channel the NovoCon actuator can receive set-points, calibration instructions, configuration settings and other information, and can return information about operational conditions. Some of this information is exchanged periodically, but some changes are communicated instantaneously.

Blog: Why should companies start embracing smart machine technology now?

Asking why you should embrace smart machine technology now is like going back five or so years and asking whether it really makes sense to get a smart phone. Like most industry observers, at Evalan we are convinced reality will soon overtake whatever hesitations there may be about the reshaping of industry by IoT. Companies […]

New Smart Building Solution Delivered

Last week, Evalan completed the new smart building solution, bGrid™, in an OVG Real Estate building.

OneLogistics – Supply Chain Management F-35

Evalan has joint the OneLogistics Program. This program is the Dutch proposal for managing the Supply Chain Support System for the European Operations of the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter airplane.