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Watch ARMOR prevent heat-related injuries on TV

EVALAN’s innovative product to prevent heat-related injuries will be on Dutch TV on June 19.

On Monday, 19th of June, at 21:15 hrs., EVALAN’s innovative product to prevent heat-related injuries will be featured on Dutch TV (NPO3) as part 4 of the documentary “Half Holland in Crisis” by Dutch public broadcaster VPRO.  

Global temperatures are increasing, and with that phenomenon new challenges arise to keep people safe. We all read the worrying stories of outdoor workers who lost their lives to heatstroke after working under the sun or in hot environments during last summer’s persistent heatwaves. And just this weekend in the Netherlands, during running events in Maastricht, Groningen and Amersfoort, several measures had to be taken to avoid even more heat-related injuries.  

About the Documentary 

The many premature deaths and substantial health harm caused by unprecedented heat waves in Europe have brought attention, once again, to the urgent need to tackle the climate crisis.  

VPRO’s documentary, which will include a section on EVALAN’s innovative Body Core Temperature Monitoring System ARMOR in its episode about impactful solutions, discusses global warming and how people anticipate and prepare for the related challenges to come.  

“Don’t miss out on ARMOR’s episode being broadcasted on NPO 3 the 19th of June at 21:15 hrs.” 

Along with structural transformation and important policy measures, technological innovations are helping improve working and training conditions on a warming planet. Technological innovations make it easier to keep individuals safe and healthy during high temperatures and strenuous activities, thus effectively anticipating and preventing heat-related injuries.  

About ARMOR 

ARMOR is an exceptional non-invasive core temperature monitoring system, designed to ensure the well-being and safety of individuals. Comprising a heart rate monitor and a compact wearable device, it has become the top choice for the Dutch military, Fire Brigades, and Industrial companies due to its unparalleled accuracy and user-friendly nature. With ARMOR, real-time monitoring of physiological conditions allows for proactive measures to prevent overheating and protect individuals from potential harm.  

Heat-related injuries  

Heat stress is an often-disregarded threat that is gaining increased prominence as the world continues to get warmer. Due to little knowledge, hard-to-identify and easy-to-misinterpret early signs, every year there are many victims of heat injuries worldwide. Industrial and construction workers, farmers, soldiers, firefighters, and endurance athletes are particularly at risk.  

“June 19, NPO3: Watch the Dutch Marines use ARMOR to keep safe from heat injury.” 


With over 15 years of experience, EVALAN is the leading IoT solutions provider. Recognized among the 100 most innovative enterprises in the Netherlands, EVALAN’s telemetry services currently reach 50 countries on 5 continents. To support the delivery of its services, EVALAN develops mobile devices and sensor units, data management systems, data processing algorithms and user interfaces for diverse industries on various platforms.  

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