Placed on – 6 June 2023

EVALAN supplies 3400 Body Core Temperature Monitor Systems to the Dutch Military

The Body Core Temperature Monitor, ARMOR, was selected by the Ministry of Defense for its ease of use.
Body Core Temperture Monitor

EVALAN’s ARMOR Heat Monitor System has been selected by the Ministry of Defense for use during exercises and training. This system, used in a limited number of military training centers since 2020, tracks the user’s core temperature and signals when it rises above a set threshold. This allows the system to prevent overheating and possible heat injury. 

About ARMOR 

ARMOR is a non-invasive system, consisting of a heart rate monitor and a small wearable device. The wearable device receives the readings from the heart rate monitor and determines the body core temperature from the heart rate pattern. This is done with the ECTemp algorithm. This algorithm was developed and patented by the US Army. ARMOR has already managed to prevent overheating of an individual several times since its introduction. 

The problem solved 

Overheating during physical activities is an underappreciated problem. Overheating can occur during activities such as sports or heavy work, even if the activities take place in cool weather conditions. During major sporting events such as (half) marathons, it is not uncommon that some of participants are affected by overheating, during or after the race. In most cases, these individuals recover without permanent damage, but sometimes these events leave permanent damage. 


The choice by the Dutch Military to select ARMOR is partly determined by its ease of use. With a few simple actions, a user can activate the system in seconds, after which the recording of data starts automatically. With exception of the first 20 minutes, ARMOR delivers the body core temperature of the user in real time. This data is automatically forwarded to a nearby tablet or to a cloud-based portal, which allows a trainer or instructor to track the body core temperature of each of the participants. 

Since 2021, ARMOR has also been used by fire brigades for exercises, and by industrial companies for work in hot areas. 

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