IoT badge helps people move at a safe distance in the office

Even though people will soon be allowed to go back to work sparsely, they need to keep a distance of six feet at all times. How do you ensure that the correct distance is kept between employees and visitors in the office? Evalan developed the Proximity Badge that lights up when people get too close together.

When offices and other public spaces slowly open their doors to employees and visitors again, these spaces will have to be furnished in accordance with the new guidelines. In addition to protection screens, distance between workspaces, floor signs and walking routes, the Proximity Badge can offer a solution. The Proximity Badge is a tool to help remind people to keep a safe distance from one another, especially at unguarded moments.  

The Proximity Badge

The Proximity Badge is designed to protect the privacy of the user. It is a standalone solution, which means you are not required to install a gateway, server or infrastructure.  Evalan has developed the Proximity Badge for office workers and visitors so they can get used to the distance of six feet and know when to step back. It is a small device that can be pinned on, attached with a clip or hung on a cord around the neck. A LED light has been implemented on the badge that will light up when the person you are talking to comes too close.

Changing color

The LED light on the Proximity Badge changes color based on the distance between the people. This light serves as a signal to remind employees or visitors to keep a safe distance. The light is green when the correct distance is maintained. When two devices approach each other and come closer than two meters, the light turns orange. When the six feet boundary is exceeded, the light turns red and starts flashing.

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Subtle reminder

When employees return to the office, it can feel uncomfortable to keep a distance in the social interaction in the office. In addition, they are not used to keeping their distance and they may revert to old behavior. The Proximity Badge serves as a subtle reminder to adjust behavior and reminds employees and visitors to observe that they should stay at a distance of six feet.

Contact tracing

With the Proximity Badge it is also possible to find out who a person has been in contact with. The badge registers other badges and sends this information to the cloud. When a person has tested positive for Corona, you can use the information registered to find out which badges have been close to the infected person’s badge. By keeping track of the distance between badges and which badges have been close to each other, you can quickly detect possible infections and prevent further spread.


  • Tool to remind people to keep a distance of six feet at unguarded moments
  • The device turns red when another person comes closer than the six feet boundary and indicates that the person must step back
  • Subtle reminder and supports employees and visitors to keep a safe distance
  • Quickly detect possible infections through contact tracing

Interested in the Proximity Badge?

We have developed this solution for employees and visitors in offices and other public areas. With the Proximity Badge we help to remind them to keep a distance of six feet.
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