We help you with your IoT question

Know your users

Would you like to know how your customers use your product? For example, their preferred settings, the issues they run into, or when the consumables are running low? Whether a device for consumers or professional use, by implementing IoT, you gain insight into how your product is performing. With this information you can improve your service, foster deeper relationships with customers and create better experiences.

We have developed a fleet management system for Handicart that gives them insight into the use of their golf carts. Read more here.

Predict failures

Would you like to detect and prevent failures, and carry out maintenance only when it’s needed? IoT sensors measure parameters, such as vibration, fuel level, pressure and temperature and detect whether equipment operates at its full potential. By adding machine learning to the data you collect through IoT, you can predict failures and prevent downtime, and reduce your overall maintenance costs.

We developed a wireless sensor system for water company Vitens that allows them to detect and prevent leakages faster. Read more here.

Achieve sustainability goals

Are you looking for a solution to improve energy management and reduce energy waste? IoT can help reduce your carbon footprint. For example, unnecessary on-site maintenance or cooling and heating systems running in unused rooms waste energy. Smart sensors and demand driven control systems can help reduce your energy consumption.

Rijksvastgoedbedrijf was looking for a solution to automatically control the indoor climate and achieve their sustainability goals. We developed the IoT solution. Read more here.

Future-proof your product

Would you like to make your product more user-friendly or improve the market position of your product? With data collected from sensors, you can gain insights that help you improve your products and services, increase its value for existing users, and form the basis for new products and services.

Evodos asked us to create a management system for their dynamic separators. By systematically collecting data on the operation of their machines, they identified new use cases and opened up new markets. Read more here.

Monitor physical performance

Would you like to monitor patients continuously, improve your personal performance or guarantee safety of professionals in tough working conditions? By combining wearable technology with IoT, you can collect real-time biometric data and monitor this data remotely. This can make a major contribution to health, safety, wellbeing, performance, and enjoyment.

In collaboration with the Ministry of Defense, we have developed a biometric monitor, ARMOR, that measures the heat load of soldiers. Read more here.

Upgrade your IoT system

Is your existing IoT system underperforming? Or is the security not up to date and scaling up a challenge? Implementing IoT can be a difficult process – scaling up even more. Among the challenges are connectivity, power, security and integration.

If you have experience with IoT systems that do not meet your expectations, you are not alone. Many IoT projects fail. We have helped many customers with the redesign of their IoT solutions, to make them stable, reliable, future-proof and operationally manageable. Read more here.

Is IoT the right solution for the challenges within your company?

We are always open to discuss the possibilities and to share some insights with you on how IoT can improve your services and how your company can benefit from IoT innovations.