Placed on – 26 November 2023

Inverter Data in an on-line Dashboard.

Getting Inverter data via Modbus to an on-line dashboard. Your data is immediately avialable in a few easy steps.
Solar installation IoT

Your inverters contain data that is important for your energy operation. This data gives you information about the condition of the solar production and about the risks for its reliable operation, such as out of range parameters, alarms or indications that it is time to do maintenance. There is only one problem: this data is inside your inverter and not at your fingertips.

Getting this data to the cloud can solve this problem. The inverter data can then be shown in a dashboard, parameter values can be tracked, and automatic alerts can be generated. It gets even better if the inverter can be controlled from the dashboard also.

Although many inverters have been connected into the Cloud already, the vast majority is not. One common reason is the perception that it is complicated or time consuming to do. Not anymore. With a plug-and-play solution such as BACE IoT, machine data can be available in the cloud within minutes. Simply connect a BACE IoT Gateway to the inverter using the Modbus protocol. After some simple configuration steps the data of the inverter becomes available through an API and Webhook, and in a dashboard as well.

Are you interested to connect your inverters, or sensors, via Modbus to an on-line Dashboard. Then please contact us at or schedule a meeting.

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