Placed on – 15 June 2020

IoT applications can make a difference in healthcare

IoT applications can make a difference in healthcare

The Dutch healthcare sector suffers from a large staff shortage and the workload is high. Embedded monitoring systems and a smart healthcare infrastructure can help to provide a better and safer environment for healthcare staff and patients.

The first IoT solution is a well-known application with which a patient can be monitored remotely, for example by means of a wearable. In addition, a smart sensor network can be installed to easily book a room, quickly find a doctor or patient or a device that has been inspected and is working properly. This creates more efficient processes within a healthcare institution.

Optimization of healthcare processes
IoT increases efficiency and optimizes processes within the healthcare institution. It saves employee time and maximizes time for more valuable work. For example, by attaching radio frequency identification (RFID) tags to tools and installing a smart infrastructure, a tool can be quickly found and the healthcare professional can see whether it has been inspected.

Improving services
Embedded monitoring systems and a smart healthcare infrastructure can also improve services. Risk factors can be discovered earlier with wearables and decisions can be made on real-time accurate data. As a result, the most effective, personalized treatment for the patient is found more quickly.

Focus on patient care
IoT can reduce the workload in various ways. With an automated ordering system, for example, you relieve employees of manual ordering so that the specific requirements are automatically replenished. Optimizing the logistics and storage system helps to run processes within the healthcare facility more smoothly, save money and free up staff so they can focus on patient care.

This is a summary of the article by our CEO Henk Schwietert that appeared on Computable. Click here to read the full article.

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