Placed on – 25 August 2022

IoT: Tap into the Strategic Value of Data 

By implementing Internet of Things (IoT) systems, any business can access and leverage the data that their assets are generating.

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The Power of Data

We’ve all heard that “knowledge is power” or that “knowledge is a competitive advantage”. Still, to arrive at knowledge there are a few earlier steps that need to be taken.  

The first building block towards knowledge is data, which (when organized) provides us with useful information, thus leading over time to knowledge and insight.  

“The volume of data is expected to grow 
to 175 zettabytes by 2025.“ 

Take control 

Data is all around us, and it’s being produced at an unprecedented pace (by 2025 it’ll be enough to make the journey to the moon and back five times). The problem is that most businesses do not know how or do not have the ability to tap into that data and release its full potential. Added to the fact that data is only valuable when it meets the following criteria:  

  • It is consistently and continuously available.  
  • It is concise, organized, and relevant.  
  • It has meaning and context based on experience. 
  • It comes from multiple data sources.  

“80% of industrial data is never used, 
it is an untapped goldmine.” 

By implementing Internet of Things (IoT) systems, any business can access and leverage the data that their assets are generating. The IoT infrastructure will allow data to be analyzed in real-time and lead to, for example, transformed business models, improved decision making, accelerated innovation, improved customer experience and increased operational efficiency.  

IoT systems enable the collection of data from assets (including machines, sensors and devices) to cloud platforms. Once in the cloud, the data can be visualized, analyzed and further processed with advanced techniques based on Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to optimize production processes and to make predictions about future events. In short, collecting data is the first step to take control.  

“Companies investing in data-driven Innovation
exhibit faster productivity growth by 5-10%.” 

IoT systems: various technological solutions and skills 

However, developing a reliable IoT system that can consistently and continuously supply high quality and strategic information that works for your organization is not easy. The IoT architecture is composed of diverse and complex layers, which require solid expertise in different areas, and very few companies are set up to cover the complete collection of skills.  

Experience has shown that the weakest link in the IoT chain, where a lot of problems can occur, is the link between the device in the field and the application in the cloud. To take care of all functions that are needed between the device and the cloud, EVALAN created BACE (Build A Connection Everywhere).  

BACE’s benefits 

BACE is an IoT building block that creates a connection between the asset in the field and your enterprise system in the cloud. It is fully hardened, secure, already available at scale, future-proof, with worldwide coverage and it has an IoT portal that enables managing the IoT operations. 

With BACE you can create IoT solutions to harness the power of data:  

  • Faster. 
  • With less investment. 
  • And with less risk.  

“BACE is the best choice for IoT initiatives that want to
shorten the development process, make use of
a proven solution and avoid vendor lock-in”  

More Information 

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