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Armor Case Bace go

ARMOR Heat Monitor Flight Case – Up to 25 units per case

The ARMOR Heat Monitor is EVALAN’s wearable IoT technology to help people in physically demanding sectors gain insight and prevent heat strain by monitoring physiological conditions, including core temperature, in real time.

BACE Go – Test Kit

BACE Go is EVALAN’s battery powered wearable gateway. It was created to provide real-time insight into people’s health in a safe, secure, and reliable way. BACE Go collects physiological data through its own built-in sensors.

BACE Plus – Test Kit

BACE Plus is EVALAN’s stand-alone gateway. It was created with flexibility in mind to support the most common IoT protocols and thus to accommodate countless use cases.

BACE Plus IO – Digital I/O, Analogue I/O, Modbus – Test Kit

BACE Plus IO is EVALAN’s IoT gateway for legacy devices. Since it supports analog inputs and digital inputs and outputs, it is best suited to digitalize legacy systems and sensors.

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