Placed on – October 19, 2021

Spinel Veiligheidscentrum uses heat monitor ARMOR during training fire brigade

Spinel Veiligheidscentrum uses heat monitor ARMOR

Spinel Veiligheidscentrum is the regional training center in South Holland South where they simulate realistic scenarios so that the fire brigade or other crisis partners can prepare for real crises. During training sessions by the fire brigade at Spinel Veiligheidscentrum, heat monitor ARMOR is used to guarantee the safety of firefighters.

Ensuring firefighters’ safety
To prepare firefighters as best as possible for calamities, they must train and practice realistically. Spinel Veiligheidscentrum offers a training ground for this where real scenarios are simulated. High body temperatures are inevitable in training sessions. Both the heat from the physical exertion and the heat from the environment are a danger. It is difficult for firefighters to properly regulate their core body temperature when they are at work. In some cases, this can lead to overheating, which can then cause long-term and serious injuries. To guarantee the safety of the fire brigade, heat monitor ARMOR is used. With ARMOR, firefighters can continue to train at the highest possible physical level while maintaining safety standards.

Heat monitor ARMOR
ARMOR is a wearable that makes it easy to monitor the heat load from an operational point of view. During training, firefighters wear a heart rate monitor on their upper arm and the small ARMOR wearable in their pocket. The wearable determines the current core temperature of the firefighter every minute from the heart rate data and transmits that data in real-time to an app installed on the trainer’s tablet or mobile. In addition to this estimated core temperature, the app also shows a Physical Strain Index score, a measure of the heat load of the firefighter. If this score gets too high, the trainer can intervene and initiate actions according to an action protocol. ARMOR also provides insight into when firefighters can return to action after having to take a temporary rest due to overheating.

Successfully tested
ARMOR has been tested successfully during training at Spinel Veiligheidscentrum. Spinel Veiligheidscentrum and Veiligheidsregio ZHZ have purchased two sets of fifteen ARMOR devices. This way firefighters can train safely and overheating during these intense training sessions can be prevented. Arnold Verweerd, Operational Manager Spinel Safety Center, concludes: “Physical injuries due to overheating is an underestimated risk when operating in our profession. By gaining insight into the core temperature with the Physical Strain Index score of the participants, we can act at an early stage to prevent heat related injuries. With ARMOR, we can manage this better and train more safely and responsibly.”

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