Placed on – 20 March 2023

What a Success: EVALAN at Solar Solutions International 2023

EVALAN continuously expands its technology capabilities to provide innovative smart solar solutions to customers.

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Solar Solutions International 2023

EVALAN, a leading provider of IoT solutions in Europe, recently participated in the Solar Solutions International 2023 trade fair held at EXPO Greater Amsterdam, Netherlands. The event, which was held from the 14th to the 16th of March, was a tremendous success for the company, with EVALAN meeting many potential clients and generating significant interest in their showcased solutions.  

The showcased solutions 

EVALAN’s participation at the event was centered on displaying their IoT solutions for the solar industry, which included remote monitoring and managing solutions to:  

The innovative solutions attracted significant interest from attendees, including installers, integrators, engineering, and consultant companies who were looking for ways to optimize and expand the capabilities of traditional solar installations. 

“We are delighted with the positive response we received at Solar Solutions International 2023,” said Henk Schwietert, CEO of EVALAN. “Our solutions generated a lot of interest from potential clients, and we were able to show our expertise in IoT for the solar industry.” 

Watch the wrap up video 

Check out the wrap up video to get a sneak peek of what the event looked like for EVALAN:  

What comes next 

With all the insights gathered from the diverse interactions, EVALAN will continue to work with its clients to help them achieve their goals in the solar industry with innovative IoT solutions. Furthermore, EVALAN looks forward to collaborating with newly established partnerships on exciting new projects.  

About Solar Solutions International 2023 

Solar Solutions International is one of the largest B2B trade shows in Europe for the solar industry, bringing together professionals from various industries, including renewable energy and construction. The event offers an excellent platform for exhibitors to showcase their products and services, network with industry peers, and learn about the latest trends in the solar industry.  

For More Information 

With a growing demand for renewable energy solutions, EVALAN’s solutions are well-positioned to provide clients with the tools they seek to optimize the performance and expand the capabilities of their solar installations.  

We are continuously improving our solutions and adding use cases. If you would like to see what IoT can do for you:  

Send us an email to 

Or book a meeting with one of our sales managers here: 

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What a Success: EVALAN at Solar Solutions International 2023

EVALAN continuously expands its technology capabilities to provide innovative smart solar solutions to customers.
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