Placed on – 3 August 2022

Can you build homes that save electricity, gas and water? 

The client needed a turn-key project to monitor home appliances. The goal: Ensuring the new houses would get the energy-neutral label.

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ZNEB monitoring

Governments around the world are calling on the construction industry to build zero-energy homes. At EVALAN, we help construction companies to continuously monitor the energy consumption and energy production of zero-energy houses through real-time data. This allows them to prove that they comply with energy neutrality.

Our goal is to reduce emissions and save money.
Without compromising on comfort”

We hereby introduce one of EVALAN’s success stories: Creating an energy-saving Internet of Things (IoT) system for prefab homes. 

The need 

Our client was looking for a turn-key project to monitor home appliances, thus ensuring their houses would receive the energy-neutral label. In short, they needed:  

  • A reliable and scalable gateway.  
  • A single gateway capable of speaking several standard protocols; which means being able to connect to the different devices and appliances within a house at once. 
  • A reliable and user-friendly dashboard to visualize the data.  

indoor climate monitoring

The solution

BACE Plus, together with its cloud storage environment and intuitive dashboard is the IoT solution applied by our client to monitor energy consumption and energy production of the prefabricated houses that they build. 

“Construction companies can, furthermore, use the collected data to offer
additional services to their clients, and thus increase revenues” 

The benefits

By incorporating EVALAN’s IoT solution in their residential complexes, our client is able to:  

  • Monitor devices in the house to increase their uptime and to be able to predict maintenance requirements. This allows them to dispatch maintenance crews promptly.  
  • Optimize the number of solar panels needed per house by analyzing power production and consumption profiles, and thus minimize costs.  

Our client is also able to achieve their energy neutrality goal and prove compliance to all relating standards because the solution allows them to continuously monitor the consumption and production of energy in real-time. 

With this solution, our client provides house users with added value. This is a huge selling point since the users are able to: 

  • Monitor and manage the performance of equipment and devices in the house.  
  • Create appliance usage patterns for optimization.  

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