Jump into Digital Transformation with IoT

Digital Transformation

Many businesses and their models rely heavily on physical interaction with customers, vendors, and employees. Recent events made most of them realize that they need to jump into the Digital Transformation wave as a way to build resilience, remain relevant, get ahead of the competition, and provide better services to customers. 

IoT: Tap into the Strategic Value of Data 

The Power of Data

We’ve all heard that “knowledge is power” or that “knowledge is a competitive advantage”. Still, to arrive at knowledge there are a few earlier steps that need to be taken.   The first building block towards knowledge is data, which (when organized) provides us with useful information, thus leading over time to knowledge and insight.   “The […]

A safe working environment in construction? IoT offers new possibilities

safe working construction

The Internet of Things (IoT) is already being used in many buildings. This allows these so-called smart buildings to save energy and costs and to receive maintenance on time. New opportunities lie in the application of IoT in the construction process. This guarantees a safe working environment on various levels.

Conserving water more effectively with IoT

Conserving water more effectively

Conserving water is one of the top concerns at a time when environmental conditions are deteriorating at an alarming rate. IoT technologies offer opportunities to help cities use and conserve water more efficiently and effectively.

Evalan receives license from US Army to use ECTemp technology

Evalan receives license from US Army to use ECTemp technology

The United States Army has developed technology that can determine the core body temperature of soldiers from their heart rates. This ECTemp technology results from decades of research and testing at the U.S. Army Research Institute of Environmental Medicine.

IoT solution to measure the physical load of soldiers

The Dutch Ministry of Defence asked us to provide a solution that prevents overburdening soldiers during exercises. The work of soldiers requires enormous physical effort and the risk of overburdening is high. The Ministry of Defence wishes to prevent absenteeism of their personnel but up to now the physical load was hard to measure objectively. They asked us […]

Technology provides support for six-feet society

Technology provides support for six-feet society

The consequences of the Covid-19 virus will be noticeable in society for a long time. The crisis phase is over, but unfortunately the coronavirus has not yet been banned from our country. How can we reorganize our society and create a safe environment while the coronavirus remains active in our communities? Jaap Kautz, Senior Solutions Engineer at Evalan, explains a number of IoT solutions.

Evalan delivers the first of thousand ARMOR devices to Dutch Department of Defense

Evalan delivers the first of thousand ARMOR devices to Dutch Department of Defense

Two years ago, the Ministry of Defence approached Evalan to help develop a wearable device that prevents heat injuries. Since then, the technology has been refined and the device has been tested in various training situations and the product has been improved further. On 1 February 2020, Evalan delivered the first thousand sensors to the Dutch army.