Placed on – 30 September 2022

Jump into Digital Transformation with IoT

All companies, big and small, can jump into the Digital Transformation wave by using IoT.

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Digital Transformation

Many businesses and their models rely heavily on physical interaction with customers, vendors, and employees. Recent events made most of them realize that they need to jump into the Digital Transformation wave as a way to build resilience, remain relevant, get ahead of the competition, and provide better services to customers.  

“The more digital a company, the more competitive and resilient it is.”  

IoT in Digital Transformation 

Digital Transformation is all about using technology to transform your company’s go-to-market strategy. In other words, using data to get closer to your customers. Using IoT technology to collect source data from physical assets (including products), all companies —big and small, and across industries— can transform into digital companies.  

“Timing is everything, and it is not different in Digital Transformation.” 

How it works 

With EVALAN’s IoT technology a connection can be built everywhere. Our product BACE can digitalize any physical asset imaginable by establishing bi-directional communication via a wide range of IoT transport protocols to then integrate them to any cloud application using built-in cellular connection.  

The data is then delivered through a webhook or API (Application Programming Interface) to your company’s system, application, or dashboard where it can be visualized and used to make better-informed decisions.  

“Digital transformation helped 80% of companies to survive during the pandemic.”  

The benefits 

By using IoT technology you will have real-time data from products and assets, which will allow you to: 

  • Anticipate your customers’ needs.  
  • Create high-quality user experiences.  
  • Deliver better products.  
  • Increase customer satisfaction. 
  • Make data-based decisions.  
  • Increase operational and process efficiency.  
  • Create new business models.  

For more information 

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Do you wonder how to get started with IoT?

IoT is conquering the world. You don’t want to be left behind. How do you get started?

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