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Detect Roof Damage Before It Appears

“Roof leaks are responsible for an estimated 15% of commercial water damage claims” -Chubb Limited, Insurance Company
Roof leakage detection

At EVALAN, we help companies in the Construction Industry, including in the Roofing Sector, to Get Ahead of Damage and Loss, through Innovative and User-Friendly Internet of Things (IoT) solutions.  

The Need 

In competitive markets, such as the construction one, it is crucial to stay ahead of competitors (for which technology is a great ally). EVALAN’s client needed a solution to address the following:  

  1. Predict potential water leakages. 
  2. Monitor roofs remotely without needing an employee on the site. 
  3. Stay ahead of water damage on roofs, and hence avoid high reparation costs and reputation loss.  

“IoT allows you to stay ahead of your competitors”  

The Solution  

EVALAN’s innovative IoT system allows our clients to detect leaks in the roofs they install before they become visible and problematic. The solution consists of:  

  • A measurement device in the form of a long-lasting (approx. 20 years) wireless sensor that detects two things:  
  1. Water accumulation.  
  2. Leaks at an early stage. 
  • A wireless BACE gateway is powered by solar energy, which allows for optimizing its placement.  
  • And an Intuitive Dashboard or Application where the Data can be Visualized.  
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With IoT, Constructors can Provide services that exceed the expectations of their clients. 

The Benefits 

In that sense, with EVALAN’s solution our clients can:  

  • Provide predictive maintenance (instead of scheduled one) and dispatch maintenance crews promptly.  
  • Predict and locate leaks before they become visible and problematic. 
  • Stay aware and on top of the conditions of every roof ever installed. 

The benefits of using EVALAN’s IoT solution for roofs are further extended to your own marketing as you will be able to:   

  • Provide services that exceed the expectations of your clients. 
  • Provide roofs that require less maintenance and exceed the lifetime of competitors’ roofs.  

“Data gives you a competitive advantage” 

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