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Since the early nineties remote monitoring systems were deployed on a large scale for the first time. Nowadays remote monitoring is frequently deployed in the Internet of Things to retrieve data with IoT-devices often by using sensors. Our knowledge and experience with IoT is extensive and we use this to create a customized and secure IoT-solution.

We realize IoT solutions with high reliability and customized functionality


Our IoT systems measure and collect quantities as light intensity, vibrations, CO2 concentration, pressure and force. Both real time and wireless.

We produce mobile devices, sensors, data management systems, data processing algorithms, and user interfaces for different platforms.

Evalan develops the best solution, innovative and ground-breaking.


We fully realize and implement the IoT platform.

By means of datamining techniques, machine learning, specific algorithms and predictive analytics, we help you to extract maximum value from data. The data is presented on a customized web portal, suitable for both smartphone and computer.

Data can be shared in real time with the company’s software systems, and the IoT-platform can be fully integrated with these systems.


Once we delivered your IoT platform, we can manage your IoT systems and optimize the performance. You determine how and to what extent we will manage your network.

We make sure your IoT applications keep working safely and continue to provide the data you need.

We manage your technology and make sure it delivers the best results.

You can also contact us if you already have a working IoT platform.

We help you to extract more from your network with better data collection, communication technologies, analyses, or a better presentation. We can also take over the entire management of your existing system. Based on your wishes we take your IoT system to a higher level.

Solutions in 50 countries on 5 continents

Our IoT knowledge leads to innovative real time measuring and monitoring solutions for our clients:

  • Systems to accurately monitor stock, moving assets, pipelines
  • Sensor networks to monitor and manage the indoor climate of buildings
  • Applications to measure the performance of machinery
  • Medical solutions to monitor patients remotely
  • Sensor networks to monitor and affect business processes

The solutions developed by us are currently active in 50 countries on 5 continents. Check out some of our projects.

We are a fast-growing, young and international team working in the heart of Amsterdam.

Our team consists of engineers with specializations in electrical engineering, software engineering, mechanical engineering and industrial design. We have a quality driven culture of values that emphasizes flexibility, teamwork and trust.

Our clients about us

Evalan covers all links in the IoT chain which is quite unique.

Evalan understands innovation through cooperation in partnerships.

Evalan – your partner in IoT

Government, industry, businesses and healthcare: we develop, implement and manage the best solution for your IoT challenge.