IoT-device to measure workspace occupation

Together with Arend van de Stadt, we developed an IoT solution to detect whether a workspace is available and make the search for a space more efficient.

Who doesn’t recognize the experience of looking for a workspace to work, study or to have a meeting with someone, but all of the seats are taken? It doesn’t matter how early you arrive at the office building, most of the workspaces are occupied, which results in an endless search for a desk or meeting room somewhere else. Evalan and Arend van de Stadt, innovator in vision systems, developed the IoT solution: Smart Eagle.

Recognizing objects to detect workspace occupation

Our solution monitors the workspace occupation. The device is trained to recognize objects such as laptops, cups and people. The systems detects whether a colleague is in the room but not who is actually there: the data is anonymized. By means of a helicopter view or eagle eye of the room, the camera detects the workspace occupation and transmits the data via the cloud to a smartphone.

Three statuses to indicate occupation

There are three statuses: Free, occupied and sign of life. The last one means that SmartEagle recognizes whether there are any personal belongings in the workspace to indicate that the person has temporarily left the workspace but is still using it.

SmartEagle can be installed as an extra functionality of the smart building solution bGrid. This solution consists of a wireless sensor network that measures the lighting and temperature in office spaces. Employees can manage the lighting and temperature via an app. SmartEagle offers an extra option in this IoT-system. It can also be installed as separate system.

Insights for facility management

SmartEagle simplifies the process of looking for a workspace. Besides this, the facility manager gains insights that lead to more efficiency and less costs. Questions like ‘What is the percentage of occupied workspaces?’, ‘Are there too many or too few spaces?’ and ‘Is it possible to rent fewer spaces?’ can be answered with SmartEagle.


  • Finding a workspace more efficiently and quicker
  • Insights for facility manager that lead to lowering costs
  • Secure, anonymized data
SmartEagle meet werkplekzetting

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We have developed an IoT solution that detects whether a workplace is available and makes the search for this place more efficient.
We can also develop, implement and manage this fully customized solution for you.