Placed on – 15 May 2019

IoMT conquers the medical world

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IoMT conquers the medical world

There is a worldwide increase in the number of Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) devices. IoMT appears to be of great value in medical research, monitoring, treatment and process optimization.

Less pressure on caregivers
An example of remote monitoring is the vMetrics TM solution developed by NASA. This device measures the heart rate, blood pressure and temperature of a patient and communicates this with care providers outside the hospital environment. Another innovative IoMT device is the Dexcom G5. This smart glucose monitor continuously measures the blood sugar level of a diabetic patient. When blood sugar levels peak, a message is sent to the patient’s smartphone and to the doctor or other healthcare providers. The use of IoMT devices reduces the duration of hospital admissions, reduces the pressure on caregivers and gives patients more control over their health.

Four conditions for the development of a successful IoMT solution:
First, an active role of medical professionals is needed. An IoMT device can only work optimally when the doctor is involved who knows exactly how the device should work. Secondly, the device must not have too many features and target groups. It is important to continue to focus on the goal. So don’t make the device too complex by adding all sorts of useful features and target groups. Subsequently, scaling up data security is an important condition. When the IoMT system grows into an internationally integrated system, it is important that security is properly anchored from the start. Finally, training the staff before working with biometric systems is a prerequisite for a successful IoMT solution.

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