Condition monitoring

Monitoring manually is a costly and time-consuming activity, which is also prone to inaccuracies and errors. Still, monitoring is key across industries as it provides companies with needed information about inputs, outputs, results, and impacts of their processes and strategies. In that sense, IoT technology becomes a crucial ally because it helps overcome common monitoring challenges by providing real-time and continuous data. With IoT, companies can gather information from multiple sources and channel it into one place for analysis and interpretation, thus, facilitating efficient management and optimizing results. 

Use cases

These use cases highlight the ways in which IoT helps to give insight into the performance and condition of your assets.

Other IoT-solutions

Asset tracking

Monitor and track the exact location, status, fuel consumption and other relevant information of your assets.

Energy management

Gain insight into energy usage by collecting real-time data and optimizing usage accordingly.

Predictive maintenance

Reduce manual work and errors, boost quality and maximize output by automating processes.


Continuously monitor patients’ health, and ensure the safety of soldiers, firefighters, industrial workers, and more.

Environmental monitoring

Reduce emissions and minimize your carbon footprint to achieve your sustainability goals.