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Technology provides support for six-feet society

Technology provides support for six-feet society

The consequences of the Covid-19 virus will be noticeable in society for a long time. The crisis phase is over, but unfortunately the coronavirus has not yet been banned from our country. How can we reorganize our society and create a safe environment while the coronavirus remains active in our communities? Jaap Kautz, Senior Solutions Engineer at Evalan, explains a number of IoT solutions.

Internet of Things (IoT) offers many solutions to help with reorganizing our society in which people have to maintain a distance of six feet. Companies will have to rearrange their offices because the employees and visitors have to keep a safe distance from each other. According to Jaap, it is important for everyone’s safety that all companies think about these changes: “Almost everyone wants to comply with the six-feet distance rule, but we are social animals that are used to living close to each other and therefore it is difficult to adapt to the new measures. Technology can help here by nudging people in the right direction. ”

Nudging to comply with distance measures
Technology can help in many areas in the six-feet society. First, it can serve as a reminder to nudge people to keep the correct distance. An example of this is the Proximity Badge, a badge that people pin or their shirt or hang around the neck and which indicates whether another employee is too close. Jaap explains how the device works: “With this device you remind people to take a step back. It lights up orange when someone exceeds two meters and turns red at one and a half meters. This not only ensures alertness, it also ensures that people dare to distance themselves even if it feels uncomfortable. ”

Keep a distance of six feet
The SmartEagle Distance Sensor is another IoT solution that helps us to reorganize public spaces and to maintain a safe distance. The sensor measures the distance between people and counts the number of people in a room. It is mounted on the ceiling and gives business owners or facility managers the opportunity to see where it is difficult to keep a safe  distance in the office, theater or shop. Jaap: “You can only start looking for a solution if you know where the problem areas are. Whether hotspots are caused by a coffee machine, by synchronous meeting schedules, or by a popular item in a display case, these unsafe situations can keep occurring unnoticeably.”

Prevent too many people in a room
In addition to a minimum distance, it also applies to many locations that it is not allowed to have too many people in the same space. About this measure, Jaap says: “As a first response to this government measure, you see this task being performed by employees standing at the entrance to count visitors. This is inefficient and can be easily solved with IoT.” The solution is a sensor that counts how many people go in and out. This information is then shared in real-time on a sign outside the store showing whether customers have to wait a while. This prevents too many people from being in a certain public space, such as in theaters, swimming pools or museums. This sensor can also show when it is quiet or busy in a store, theater or other public space. By showing this in real time on the website, visitors can see when it the best time to visit the shop. Jaap explains the need for this: “It is understandable that the elderly or people in a risk group find it difficult to go out and visit a store. With this sensor they can see how many people are present real time and they can go shopping safely.”

Hygiene measures
Companies will also have to adapt to the new hygiene measures. In addition to the fact that people must avoid having direct contact, additional adjustments in the office are also to meet the hygiene requirements. About these adjustments, Jaap says: “It is important to clean workplaces, especially flexible workplaces or meeting rooms, and other common things such as door handles, more often than was previously necessary. It is unrealistic to clean all rooms and door handles every 15 minutes. So a smart solution would be the answer here. With IoT you can monitor which rooms are used so that you can apply cleaning activities where they are needed.”

Flexible and scalable
According to Jaap, companies can offer their employees and visitors a safer environment and also ensure better business operations with IoT. Technology can take work off your hands and make life easier. Jaap states why IoT can offer the right solution: “IoT finds its way into society because it is flexible and scalable. You don’t need large infrastructure investments and you can start small and scale up easily. In this time when we are dealing with new measures and unusual adjustments, we see that technology can offer a solution.”

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