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Tell us your company’s IoT problem

We are inaugurating a new section in our Newsletter. One of EVALAN’s IoT experts will tell you how to solve your company’s IoT problem.

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Tell us your company's IoT problem

Tell us your company’s IoT problem

Although most of the talk around Internet of Things (IoT) implementations is about how they can add value to businesses, what really drives people to implement an IoT solution are the problems their companies face. 

With that in mind, we are introducing a new section in our monthly newsletter to help those who:  

  • Are realizing that they want to implement an IoT solution in their business, but don’t know how or where to start.  
  • Are struggling to implement an IoT solution.  
  • Tried to implement an IoT solution in the past but, due to the several complexities it entails, failed in doing so.  

“More than 50% of our clients failed at implementing an IoT project before turning to us for help.”  

About the new section: Tell us your company’s IoT problem 

Every month, along with the selection of the latest news and articles, at the end of our newsletter you’ll find a section where you’ll be able to reach out to us and share the IoT problem your company is currently facing.  

The section will be called: Tell us your company’s IoT problem. And once you do so, one of our knowledgeable experts will provide you with an answer on how to solve it.  

Some examples 

A usual question we hear is: how can I bring an IoT project fast to live, as —for now— I only want to test my idea to gauge the market potential for it?  

Another one is: how do I start retrieving information from devices that are different in type and generations, thus speak diverse IoT communication protocols (e.g., Modbus, RS232, UART)?  

A third usual question is: I did a POC (proof-of-concept), how do I scale the project now? 

“At EVALAN, we create IoT solutions for several and different use cases.” 

Contact us with your questions 

Don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter and to ask the IoT questions your company needs answers to.  

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