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A better perspective with IoT

Check out EVALAN’s video manifesto where our perspective on IoT is presented.
A Better Perspective

If you google the term perspective, you will find some definition in the lines of “a particular attitude toward a situation, a way of thinking or a way of regarding a topic.” The key there is the person, as perspective will always be dependent on the beholder.  

Think about it.  

Those we tend to admire are usually people who have a better understanding or distinct perspective on the topics we face daily, thus have different suggestions on how to tackle or improve a situation. Those who surprise us with their unique ideas on how to cope with issues and shed light on things we were not considering or even seeing.  

“Where some see obstacles, others see opportunities.” 

IoT as an enabler 

At EVALAN we know that the value of the Internet of Things (IoT) lies in its ability to bring about new perspectives and open diverse possibilities by providing people with insights and information on the world that surrounds them.  

IoT enables people who seek new paths and challenge the status quo to consider things in relation to one another as it creates a world where physical things and objects can communicate and share information with each other and with us.  

In that sense, we believe that IoT gives people the insights they need to make an impact and change the world.  

Check out EVALAN’s perspective on IoT in this video and don’t forget to reach out to let us know what your perspective is! 


With over 15 years of experience, EVALAN is the leading IoT solutions provider. Recognized among the 100 most innovative enterprises in the Netherlands and present in over 50 countries, we help clients to solve challenges and make data-driven decisions allowing them to improve efficiency, save costs and achieve sustainability goals.  

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