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Do you wonder how to get started with IoT?

IoT is conquering the world. You don’t want to be left behind. How do you get started?
how to get started

Your company wanted to get started with the Internet of Things (IoT). But, you wonder how to get started with IoT. You identified the specific business need or problem you wanted to solve, and —since you have in-house engineers— you decided to get a small proof of concept (POC) started. It works, now the next step is to scale. 

Rolling out an IoT solution to dozens, hundreds, or thousands of other locations often proves difficult. It becomes even more difficult if the solution is also used internationally. In that sense, you need to decide if it is better to use an existing IoT solution instead of starting your own development.  

There are some things you need to consider, for example:  

  • Time to market. 
  • Resources. 
  • Knowledge. 
  • Bandwidth of the application. 
  • Future operational management.

Read the full article entitled IoT is conquering the world — but how do you start? (IoT verovert de wereld — maar hoe begin je er mee?) to learn how to get started with IoT, here.  

About our ready-to-use solution BACE  

BACE (Build a Connection Everywhere) is the IoT solution we have created to help you extract any information you need from your assets —because we support multiple protocols out-of-the-box— and serve it to you as an API endpoint or Webhook to any application or database. In this case, the communication takes place via LTE-M or GPRS and can therefore handle much higher data volumes than is possible with LoRa.  

Our solution BACE consists of two completely integrated parts: the BACE Gateway and the BACE Cloud which is a Platform-as-a-Service.  

About EVALAN  

With over 15 years of experience, EVALAN is the leading IoT solutions provider. Recognized among the 100 most innovative enterprises in the Netherlands and present in over 50 countries, we help clients to solve challenges and make data-driven decisions allowing them to improve efficiency, save costs and achieve sustainability goals.

For more information  

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