Placed on – 6 January 2024

IT and OT – Focus on Bridging the Gap

BACE was developed to bridge the gap between IT and OT. What does that mean and why is this relevant for you?
Connecting IT and OT with BACE

In most companies there is a data gap between management and operations – which can refer to the manufacturing operations, distribution, technical support of installations and similar. Data from the shop floor can help the top floor get more accurate information, faster. This can lead to better decision making, cost savings, quality improvement, energy reduction, fewer kilometers, more efficient use of assets and a lot more.

Initiatives that focus on this problem have reached some traction. But many companies are just scratching the surface. The difference between IT and OT is one of the reasons – Information Technology and Operations Technology, which refers to communications and control systems that are used in factories. These are two entirely different worlds. This reflects itself in the hardware, software, protocols, standards, design principles and work processes that are used, and even the company culture and language.

IoT can bridge this gap, but IoT solutions need to seamlessly fit into both worlds. In practice this is difficult. These solutions are not “Extensions of SCADA” or “IT systems in the plant”. They are connectors, which communicate with real world equipment on one end and cloud applications on the other.

If your organization is ready to begin bridging this gap, or accelerate what you already started, BACE can help. We are happy to explain how.

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