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Innovating in Agriculture: Ammonia Sensors 

The use of Ammonia Sensors is crucial for Successful Animal Growth and contributes to Healthier Livestock, Poultry and Pets.

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The world of Livestock and Agriculture has taken a relevant role in the news. EVALAN has been participating for almost two years in PLANtAR, one of the most ambitious European Projects in terms of Food Health. The European Consortium also comprises other sensory leaders from Germany, Spain, and the Netherlands. 

The objective is to obtain Improved Monitoring Models, aimed at enhancing Food Production and having the capacity to feed the entire world population. 

The Need

Some studies have found that ammonia gas (NH₃) concentrations can increase up to 100 ppm in livestock barns and poultry facilities (Zhao et al. 2007; Arogo et al., 2001). 

This nitrogen emission, which can vary depending on an animal’s diet and its living conditions, is transformed into ammonia and other forms (e.g., uric acid and urea) through bacterial proliferation and further enzymatic reactions when excreted through the animal dregs and urine. 

Ammonia emissions from Stables, cows, chickens, or pigs can be reduced with techniques such as: 

  • The use of manure robots. 
  • Separation of urine and manure. 
  • Frequent cleaning. 
  • Improved ventilation systems. 
  • Food adjustments. 

EVALAN’s Client needed to detect dangerous levels of ammonia in real time and take the necessary measures to correct this dangerous situation. 

The Solution

The solution offered by EVALAN is the use of CO2 Sensors with ammonia Sensors (NH₃). This Platform is currently used for continuous and real-time monitoring of CO2 and ammonia concentrations in: 

  • Farms.  
  • Greenhouses. 
  • Boats. 
  • Buildings. 

These sensors send their measurements directly to Dashboards, where users can see them immediately.  

livestock monitoring
Innovating is now a priority in Agricultural and Livestock Exploitations, making IoT a perfect Alternative to offer guarantees to clients. 


Through the application of Continuous Control of ammonia and CO2 concentrations in the air of the Barn, the client obtains: 

  • Real-time information on their nitrogen reduction measures. 
  • Easy Installation of the Sensor Network. 
  • Secure Communication through LTE-M and GSM networks, which means they are independent of Local Networks such as WIFI. 
  • A fixed price. For a set of 3 sensors, the total cost is €1,950, with a subscription of €35 per month for the Dashboard. 


The Farm can also include an Animal Health Label, by means of a QR attached to the purchase trays of its products in supermarkets, which reflects the Food Quality and the ammonia emissions of its Facilities. 

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Innovating in Agriculture: Ammonia Sensors 

The use of Ammonia Sensors is crucial for Successful Animal Growth and contributes to Healthier Livestock, Poultry and Pets.

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