Placed on – 10 October 2022

IoT in Appliance Manufacturing

IoT allows manufacturers to better understand the product usage and to maximize the chances of market success.

“The global market for smart home appliances will be worth $97.61 billion by 2025.” At EVALAN we help home appliance manufacturers to enter the growing market of connected (smart) devices in a fast, easy, and scalable way so that they can generate new income sources.  

The Need 

The client needed a turn-key project that would allow them to quickly enter the “smart” appliances market to get ahead of competition and create new growth opportunities for the business.  

They wanted to:  

  • Go fast to market. 
  • Avoid the costs and risks of developing the IoT architecture themselves.  
  • Integrate the IoT solution easily with their software, applications and databases.  

“BACE Core is a fast, cost-effective, simple, secure, scalable and reliable solution.” 

The Solution 

BACE Core, provided by EVALAN to the customer, is the cost-effective and ready-to-use Internet of Things (IoT) solution that was integrated into their devices to digitalize them in a fast, secure, scalable and easy way. 

The Benefits  

By integrating BACE Core into their devices, our client was able to: 

  • Track how users interact with the product.  
  • Offer a personalized and better user experience. 
  • Monitor key device metrics.  
  • Predict and prevent device failures.  
  • Maximize the chances of market success.  
  • Offer more and better services.  
  • Generate new income sources.  

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"We solve problems with IoT solutions to give your business a competitive advantage."